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January 18 2016


Playing With The Byzantines - Age of Empires II

I don't forget when I very first began playing Grow Older associated with Empires II along with how a most used civilizations in our unexperienced early games were almost usually the actual Byzantines or the Teutons. Presently there had been some thing about these civilizations that made all of them appealing. Strong defenses, strong units, as well as their simplicity and also intuitive game.

The Byzantines tend to be an excellent civilization to utilize if the play design consists mainly in developing, defending and also attacking! There is not a lot of science with their game. However, you will still must recognize how to take the most using this civ, and also realize using whom you are playing against.

Unique Traits Defensive Civilization

Buildings +10% HP Dark, +20% Feudal, +30% Castle, +40% Imperial Age

This will be the principal one trait in which helps help to make the Byzantines the best defensive civilization within the game, as it tends for you to make almost almost all their structures sturdier while you advance ages- such as walls, towers and also castles. Certainly Not only creates this change allow much more time for you to plan for attacks, but it can additionally be the weapon should you construct towers close to your enemy's resources.

Pikemen, skirmishers and camels expense -25%

Another defensive trait. the Byzantines could make every 1 of the fundamental counter units cheaper as compared to some other civ. This kind of is useful in a pinch, if your own enemy outmatches an individual with a massive horde of paladins, just keep about filling these Barracks with halbardiers.

Fireships +20% attack

This can be viewed as the particular defensive weapon the actual Byzantines have for drinking water maps. Fire ships counter galleys- the bulk of your navy, as well as cannon galleons- destroyers involving coastal cities. In addition for you to this, these toddlers pack a lot more firepower compared to regular to end up being able to assist you defend the coast.

Advance for you to Imperial Grow Older costs -33%

As the greater advanced civilization in Grow Older associated with Empires II, they're in any position to advance in order to Imperial age having a massive discount, providing these an edge- possibly to always be able to defend directly into an impenetrable fortress, in order to prepare the trebuchet siege.

Town Watch free

A small gift, albeit a very welcome one. Getting a lot more collection of sight as soon as possible can be necessary to spot these enemy rushing rascal little armies, and act accordingly.

Unique UnitCataphract

"The Byzantine army carried upon many of the military traditions involving the existing Roman Empire in in order to the middle Ages. This was obviously a skilled force which was well-trained and well led. Officers studied tactics as well as command. the army was organized directly into formal units which maintained their own traditions pertaining to centuries. The Actual best units within the Byzantine army had been partially armored cavalrymen referred to as cataphracts. These People fought with numerous weapons, which includes your bow as well as sword. Together With plains for the east along with north regarding their particular empire, your cataphract ended up being ideally fitted to combat against unarmored cavalry of their own enemies. the Byzantine army went into decline partially as it lost the actual plains associated with Asia Minor from which it had drawn each horses and also cavalrymen pertaining to services as cataphracts."[1]

The legendary Cataphract, the sole unit in the game that doesn't suffer any kind of bonus damage! Yep, that't right, they will have no weaknesses with all! being any unit along with bonus damage against infantry, that they negate pikemen and also halberdiers' bonus attack. As the armed horsemen that they are, for whatever reason they also resist camels and also mamelukes' bonus damage against mounted units. Within fact, they will are great tables for them.

The Cataphract excels from butchering infantry: if your own enemy is the Goths and will be also spamming huskarls, you've cataphracts. In case your enemy will end up being the Aztecs and the major force consists involving jaguar warriors, you have your cataphracts. In case your enemy is the Vikings and contains a big army of small furious berserkers, then you've the infantry-murdering Cataphracts!

The Byzantine Cataphract will be costly, though, and its upgrades will furthermore be rather expensive, thus amassing a big variety of these mighty horsemen isn't easy. you must moderate your economy carefully and avoid the particular killing of your precious units. try to help to make use of them only when you realize you will win, and constantly send them to batlle with some support.

Unique TechnologyLogistica

"The Byzantine civilization outlived its counterpart inside Rome regarding a lot much more than one thousand years, mainly through the actual adroit employment associated with smaller sized elite armies against more lightly equipped or less highly trained enemies. Well-motivated troops, well-trained officers, strong military traditions, along with audio military logistics combined to create armies with fighting power disproportionate for their size. The Particular backbone involving their armies had been their cataphract cavalry whom could engage enemies at a distance using archery or trample them down inside a charge."[2]

As in the huge event the Catraphact wasn't already tough enough in order to kill, the actual special tech with the Byzantines provides these trample damage! similar for the war elephants fromthe Persians, Logistica will result throughout the cataphracts damage adjacent along with nearby units, totally ignoring his or her armor! This particular works wonders, especially should you find a way to produce cataphracts en mass and send them to clash by getting an army associated with infantry or perhaps cavalry inside a classic hack-and-slash battle!

Team BonusMonks +50% heal speed

Another defensive trait, the Byzantines' team bonus enables monks to heal units 50% faster. This is great to heal your valuable cataphracts, also as healing some other costly units that can be of use, similar to cavalry archers as well as hefty camels.

There is nevertheless one civilization in particular that will greatly reap the rewards of this team bonus, the particular Aztecs. The Actual Aztec civ will be usually the actual one with the greatest focus on monks. not and then these people obtain the total tech tree for the Monastery, nevertheless his or her monks also acquire +5 hit points pertaining to each research!

A total Monastery will result inside the Aztec Monk quite sturdy, even however the Byzantines' team bonus enables these to heal on their own own as well as the army faster. In addition for you to this, the actual Aztecs supply the team using +33% associated with relic-generated gold, an execllent bonus for your defensive Byzantines player if he manages to end up being able to get a new relic or even two.

Final Tips

The Byzantines would end up being the civilization associated with Get Older of Empires II using the the majority of complete tech tree, just missing 9 researches within total. While with regard to units, they simply don't have got the exclusive towards the native American civs Eagle Warrior, and the heavy Scorpion along with Siege Onager upgrades. In spite of this somewhat lacking siege, they're even now one of the most advanced and also versatile civ within the game, could counter virtually everything, for cheaper as well as without having a real weakness!

(For these observations, I took into account the actual tech tree of the actual very latest edition of the game: Grow Older involving Empires II - HD.)[3]

Perfect Economy

There isn't a lot more left to cover concerning the Byzantines. For You To aid their own economy as well as promote their fantastic defenses, the particular Byzantines also find all the resource-gathering related researches from your Mill, Lumber Camp, Mining Camp and also Market. This kind of is great for the late game because the Byzantines may provide regarding several long games.

Perfect Dock

In addition to end up being able to having every one regarding the counters, champions, arbalests, paladins, hand cannoneers, monks as well as bombard cannons... uff! Additionally they hold the complete tech tree for your Dock, making them certainly 1 of the very best water map civs as well, enabling these phones challenge water map specialists: the Spanish, your Koreans, the particular Vikings as well as the Saracens. and even versus those, together with Shipwright, the actual Byzantine Dock will keep on producing cheaper as well as stronger fast fire ships to outnumber as well as counter pirate kings hack tool individuals beasts with the sea.


unfortunately, the particular Byzantines lack Bloodlines from the secure and Black Furnace from the Blacksmith, making their cavalry miss these added 20 hit factors and also +2 attack. I guess they could not have got it all, could they?

The Cataphract will be indeed a mighty unit, just how can you counter such demon? the fact is, inspite of having incredible resistance in near combat, that they still use a somewhat lacking pierce armor (not of your same quality as Paladin's anyway). So, you need to consider advantage of that.

I located out that the best strategy from the Byzantine army consists involving stalling these up-front with incoming fire coming from behind. The Actual best damage you can offer this way can be from your ever-reliable destructive missiles involving heavy scorpions. A Person can result inside the best heavy scorpions with the your Celts as well as the Chinese, for their greater survivibility and fire power. Within virtually any case, I will record beneath a few combinations a person are in any position to become able to use against the Byzantine army:

Britons: +Elite Longbowmen -> -Cavaliers

Celts: +Heavy Scorpions -> -Paladins

Chinese: +Heavy Scorpions/Elite Chu Ko Nu -> -Cavaliers

Franks: -Heavy Scorpions/Hand Cannoneers -> +Paladins

Huns: Cavalry Archers -> Paladins

Koreans: +Elite War Wagons -> -Cavaliers

Mongols: +Elite Mangudai ->-Hussars/Cavaliers

Persians: -Heavy Scorpions -> +Elite War Elephants

Saracens: Cavalry Archers -> heavy Camels

Spanish: Elite Conquistadores -> Paladins

Teutons: heavy Scorpions/Hand Cannoneers -> Paladins/Teutonic Knights

Turks: Bombard Cannons/Elite Janissaries -> Walls -> Cavalry Archer hit-and-run

Apart from your much more strategic final combination, this really is really a new setting of the stastically-superior units inside the front row, along with support fire from the again row. In case your current civilization does not have just about any statistically superior unit (Paladin/War Elephant) for the Cataphract, then it gets to be a "stalling along with your strongest units in the front, whilst concentrating your hefty fire from the back" sort of approach.

And there an individual go, my in-depth explore among your favorites through Age Group associated with Empires II. I confess I get not necessarily used your Byzantines a lot after receiving accustomed to various other civs, such as the Koreans, my favorite civilization! However, right after composing this article, I got this urge in order to go for some on the particular internet with most the Byzantines as my civ in supplement to become able to their mounted demons as my weapons, muahaha!

Would you like to realize more about one other excellent civs within the game? Then examine out my10 of the best Civilizations through Get Older involving Empires II: The Actual Conquerors!

Good Games!

January 15 2016


LETTER ROW FRAUDSTER SAYS SORRY TO STURGEON; Conman insists MSP should keep her job.


THE fraudster at the centre of a row which place Nicola Sturgeon's job on the series yesterday apologised to her.

Serial conman Abdul Rauf broke his silence to repeat the Deputy First Minister need to keep the woman's job following the lady wrote into a court on his behalf.

Glasgow Govan MSP Sturgeon questioned any sheriffto think about a noncustodial sentence for convicted benefits cheat Rauf - one of her constituents.

She offers since faced pressure for you to resign.

But dad-of-five Rauf, 59, mentioned yesterday: "The letter has been a perfectly innocent request for assist via my local MSP.

"I am sorry if this has caused her any embarrassment.

"I wouldn't normally like anyone's job or perhaps status for you to be tarnished through my request. I cannot possess imagined when I produced the request for that letter throughout July 2008 that it might cause this type of media storm.

"I am extremely sorry this features happened."

Rauf claimed he had absolutely no previous involvement along with Sturgeon andhad simply requested your ex with regard to aid at constituency surgeries.

It is actually understood which he ended up being knocked back again by simply at least 2 additional p o l i t i c i a n s f r om wh om he sought help.

Rauf may be holed up inside his bungalow residence in Pollokshields, Glasgow, since the particular storm broke four times ago.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court last week, he pleaded guilty to end up being able to defrauding the Department regarding Perform along with Pensions of kilos 80,000 through a new series of benefit scams.

Rauf ended up being jailed regarding 4 a prolonged time within the 1990s with regard to stealing pounds 58,624 throughout advantage payments when he was obviously a sub-postmaster within Edinburgh.

He is awaiting sentence about the moviestarplanet hack diamonds most recent charge. Rauf said: "I am worried concerning the impact that publicity may have in my case.

"But my solicitor offers recommended me that the sheriff will reach the appropriate decision and never always be swayed through the media coverage.

"I have got pleaded guilty for the cost and am ready to accept any punishment from your court.

"But I can't aid sensation that the events regarding the past few days are already an added punishment.

"It may be an extremely tough moment for me personally and my family. It has affected my health insurance I feel very stressed by the total situation. I get felt like a prisoner in my personal home."

Rauf 's solicitor, Matthew Berlow, said: "My priority is to act in the needs of Mr Rauf along with I felt duty-bound for you to pass the letter towards the sherifflast week.

"Politics means absolutely absolutely nothing to me inside the context regarding this case. My client pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and is awaiting sentence." Rauf claims he has not contributed to be able to SNP campaigns But Sturgeon's profession is around the series over the woman's bid for you to avoid the fraudster getting sent to prison.

She will appear within the Scottish Parliament in February 24 when she will have to explain the woman's choice to lobby on his behalf.

Sturgeon's spokesman said: "Mr Rauf can be neither a new member nor donor for the SNP, nor even a member of Scots Asians for Independence."


Under pressure: Sturgeon is facing calls for you to quit over row Apology: Rauf, left, says sorry yesterday. Sturgeon's letter and his home, below

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